Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Fiberglass pipe insulation provides excellent thermal insulation and meets USCG 164.109 and MIL-I-22344.  Commercial applications generally use the all-service jacket (ASJ) for a vapor retardant.  For marine applications, it can be faced with IMO FF to provide a USCG/IMO approved facing and vapor retardant.  For an extremely durable vapor retardant, use IMO VBD.

Elastomeric Foam

Elastomeric foam provides a simple, efficient pipe insulation.  The foam, which is closed cell, has an inherent vapor retardant.  Elastomeric foams meet MIL-P-15280, and can also be provided in a non-halogenated version meeting EB-4013.  Armachek coating can also be pre-applied to provide an extremely durable finish for harsh environments.

Mineral Wool

Pre-formed mineral wool pipe insulation provides high temperature insulation.  Additionally, it can be used to insulate pipes on bulkhead and deck penetrations in order to meet IMO FTP codes.

Polyimide Foam

Pre-formed polyimide foam insulation meets DOD-I-24688 and MIL-STD-769.  It provides insulation from cryogenic temperatures to 600oF.   Polyimide foam insulation is used extensively on navy ships and solves difficult insulation problems in the commercial and OEM world.


Pipe Insulation

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