Fiberglass Hullboard

Fiberglass hullboard is a nominal 3 pcf density, rigid board meeting USCG 164.109 and MIL-I-742/MIL-I-22023.  The board is considered incombustible.  It can be faced with various facings (see interior finishes page) for various installations throughout the vessel.  Hullboard offers excellent acoustic absorption properties, as well as thermal performance (k=.23).  Hullboard normally comes in 1-3” thickness, 24” x 48” panels.


Fiberglass Blanket

Fiberglass blanket is an incombustible, flexible insulation and offers an excellent “behind the scenes” insulation.  Generally installed behind sheathing, fiberglass blanket is lightweight, yet still provides excellent acoustic absorption and thermal performance.  Economical and easy to install, blanket can be faced (generally with a vapor retardant), and is used to insulate hulls and duct work.  Fiberglass blanket meets USCG 164.109 and MIL-I-22023 Types I & II.


TA-301 Polyimide Foam

TA-301 Polyimide foam is an extremely light, fire resistant thermal and acoustic insulation.  Meeting DOD-I-24688, the foam can be installed with few fasteners, and is the choice of navies throughout the world.  The foam can be cut and thermally formed into special shapes.  Fiber free, polyimide also meets IMO HSC code requirements.


Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

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