Vessels on International Voyages

Vessels traveling on international voyages must meet the new IMO requirements for fire insulation.  The products currently approved to meet these new requirements are similar to traditional “USCG” approved products, however the densities and required thicknesses have changed.  The following should be used as a guideline for general structural fire insulation for steel constructed vessels.  Other insulations are approved for aluminum construction, and are also used in special applications.  Please call RB, L.L.C. to discuss special applications.

A-60 Unrestricted Steel Bulkheads (Vertical Boundaries)

3” 7A Mineral Wool on Bulkhead

1-1/2” 7A Mineral Wool on Stiffeners


A-60 Restricted Steel Decks (Horizontal Boundaries)

2” 7A Mineral Wool on Deck

1” 7A Mineral Wool on Stiffeners


The above insulations have been tested and approved in accordance with IMO’s FTP code and have USCG approval 164.107.  As with our other insulations, these products can be faced with various facings to meet your specific needs.

Insulation installation is specified by the manufacturer.


NVIC 9-97 does NOT apply to SOLAS applications.  The International Maritime Organization is in the process of writing these procedures.   Until specific procedures are written, the United States Coast Guard will accept the following:

All stiffeners less than 450mm (18”) must be completely wrapped.

“Returns” - On adjoining non-insulated bulkheads, must be insulated 450mm (18”) from the steel plate. 


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