Insulation Installation Accessories

Hull insulation (fiberglass, mineral wool and polyimide foam) are most often installed with insulation pins and clips.† Thermal and acoustic insulation pins can often be applied with an adhesive and obtain excellent results.† Fire insulations must be installed over welded pins.

Some pipe insulation and foams can be installed using appropriate adhesives.† Contact RB, LLC for expert advice in proper installation.

Lagging and Taping

Joints and seams in hullboards are generally are sealed with a fiberglass lagging tape and appropriate lagging coating.† Tapes and coatings must meet applicable specifications and/or USCG/IMO approvals.† Additionally, special applications (i.e. vapor retardants) require special tapes and/or adhesives.† A representative of RB, LLC can help guide you through this selection.

Insulation Accessories

TDAB Duct Bandsó† NEW!!!


RB, LLC now carries the original TDAB Duct Bands!† These heat-shrink bands make joining and sealing spiral ducts quick, air-tight, with minimal labor and expense.† Click HERE to see the technical data sheet.

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