IMO CF is a tough, paintable, white fiberglass facing.  It is generally used on thermal insulations on bulkheads/decks and stiffeners.


USCG 164.112/0059/0
USCG 164.112/0136/0

MIL-I-742 Type I



IMO RMW is a fiberglass scrim reinforced polyester facing.  Provides a vapor retardant with great acoustic absorption.  It is commonly used in engine room and mechanical spaces where fluids can present a problem.


USCG 164.112/0062/0
USCG 164.112/0125/0


MIL-I-22023 Type III


IMO VBD is an aluminized polyester, aluminum foil, fiberglass scrim reinforced laminate.  Prime coated to accept paint.  Best vapor retardant available.


USCG 164.112/0060/0



IMO FF is a 2 mil aluminum foil facing.  Provides an excellent vapor retardant behind sheathing at an economical price.  IMO FF can also be used for a vapor retardant jacket for fiberglass pipe cover, yet still meet USCG and SOLAS requirements.


USCG 164.112/0061/0


Navy and IMO Approved Interior Finishes


IMO PRFF is our NEW PUNCTURE REISTANT FOIL FACING!  It is a polyester/ aluminum foil facing providing excellent vapor retardant on thermal insulation as well as pipe covering.  It is extremely difficult to puncture, all at a very economical price.


USCG 164.112/0112/0



IMO LF is a IMO/USCG approved lead facing.  The lead provides acoustic transmission loss, and by being pre-applied to the base board, makes installation much faster and less expensive.


USCG 164.112/99/0



IMO RB TLL is the first IMO/USCG approved non-lead acoustic barrier.  It provides superior transmission loss, has outstanding fire characteristics, and is halogen free.  It is pre-adhered to the base insulation board to make installation fast and cost effective.  It is also US Navy approved as a replacement for MIL-PRF-24699.


USCG 164.112/0137/0


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